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METATRYP allows users to investigate the occurrence of tryptic peptides within the protein coding sequences predicted from genomes and metagenomes. This web interface allows users to select their search against one of two options: 1) a custom database created from selected microbial genomes and single amplified genomes, with an emphasis on the marine environment; or 2) a compilation of selected translated metagenomic sequences. In this web version only tryptic peptides with no missed cleavages can be searched. The current list of genomes or metagenomes can be found on the database contents page

Occurrence of shared peptides across all the proteomes has been pre-computed. Interactive visualizations of the frequency of shared tryptic peptides across the proteomes in the "Genome" data category and across 500 randomly selected proteomes from the "Specialized Assembly" category are available in a heatmap format found by clicking on the logo below:

Peptide Redundancy Heatmaps

Example peptide searches can be found at

METATRYP was designed to allow users to investigate the specificity of tryptic peptides being considering in the design of targeted biomarker assays in targeted metaproteomic research. The original publication and description for METATRYP v 1.0 is here [], an example application is provided here []. The software and documentation is available here [].

This site and the METATRYP software were funded by the EarthCube program of the US National Science Foundation and the Marine Microbial Initiative at Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Feedback and requests for additions to the web-based metatryp database can be sent to

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